Body Conscious

Hair Removal

If you are using Accutane, services can not be performed. Skin care products containing Retin-A, alpha-beta hydroxy acids should be discontinued 3-5 days before service. Before your visit, please allow a minimum of at least 5 days of hair growth. Get smooth, sexy and sleek! Our product is similar to wax except it does not contain any wax, sugar, or honey. Fast and effective leaving your skin feeling fabulously smooth. We use a soy based anti-microbial, botanical hair removal system that is gentle and effective while removing the entire bulb and shaft of the hair follicle leaving you hair-free for longer periods of time.


Eyebrows 17        

Chin 12

Lip 12

Underarm 25

Bikini 35

Full leg 80

Half leg 40

Men's back 60

Men's chest 60